Slí Cholmcille

Slí Cholmcille is a major new heritage and cultural tourism initiative to be launched in Spring 2011 and linking sites in Ireland and Scotland. This Columban Heritage Trail is a celebration of the life and traditions of Saint Colmcille and an opportunity to highlight the long-standing historic and linguistic connections between Ireland and Scotland.

This Colmcille project will allow a general visitor to choose to do some or all of the following:

  • Follow in the footsteps of St Colmcille and his contemporaries, and journey online or physically between sites and countries
  • Locate sites through Google maps
  • Explore one or more Gaelic-speaking areas, and its culture past and present
  • Link into other cultural tourism sites, notably
  • Find how the churches of St Colum Cille shaped the golden age of Irish art and culture.
  • Find out how Gaelic Ireland and Scotland and their culture are closer to all of us than we imagined.

In addition to the above, it allows Gaelic speaking communities to make links with each other, and to link language with landscape, artefacts and other language-based culture.