Glaschú na nGael

With the city of Glasgow playing such a key role in the lives and memories of Gaelic speakers from Ireland and Scotland, Colmcille, working in partnership with Conradh na Gaeilge and Ceòl ‘s Craic organised the the highly successful Glaschu na nGael weekend of language, music and craic.

Using the city as a meeting place the event hosted social events; opportunities for Gaelic speakers to learn each other’s variety of Gaelic; arts events; involvement with Celtic Connections festival; and events for 3rd level students.

With Gaelic speakers travelling to the event from Dublin, Galway, Donegal, Northern Ireland, Stornoway, Skye, Inverness and Edinburgh, Glaschú na nGael has resulted in new friendships, and projects and contributed to the development of the Gaelic arts in Glasgow.

Glaschú na nGael Glaschú na nGael